Kampot internet providers

For a small town, Kampot has a surprising number of internet options, and more are coming every day.

Internet providers

Kampot has several providers offering internet service, but the most popular seems to be Metfone. They have (very slow) ADSL as well as (relatively fast) fiber for those who live in town, and even if you live outside of town you can use their 3G/4G dongle service, which works surprisingly well. Fiber starts at $30 per month with Metfone, with speeds around 6 Mbps, and contracts for foreigners are a minimum of six months.

SINET has the fastest connection in Kampot. They have several fiber internet packages for home and business, with the home Fiber Edge package starting at $40/month and a $50 setup charge for 8 Mbps. The higher speed packages Fiber Plus and Fiber Pro offer 15 Mbps and 35 Mbps dedicated speed respectively. The former costs $660 per year and the latter $1,320 per year with free installation. If you have a house or small office coverable by a single Wifi point, Fiber One is the best valued package.

Although they advertise 150 Mbps for FiberOne, this is not correct. The plan and offers 50 Mbps for browsing and 100 Mbps for YouTube (which is still pretty fast). Fiber One is $1,100 a year with a limit of 10 concurrent Wifi devices and free installation. A minimum one-year contract is required, and the yearly packages must be paid up front, which might be off-putting to some people. However, a dedicated fiber line at this price is hard to beat, and the bandwidth is impressive, particularly when you compare it to the competition.

Ezecom has a reputation for the most reliable connection, but is expensive — they charge $40 per Mbps, while Metfone charges $5 per Mbps and SINET charges $1.83 if you choose their Fiber One package. They don’t have an office in Kampot (but they are available by phone) but offer service in the town center.

Online/Cogitel also offer services in Kampot but their prices are not competitive, they offer limited bandwidth, and they are very difficult to deal with. They don’t have an office yet in Kampot, only a representative. They have three packages, all of them 1 Mbps speed, priced between $35 and $60 per month.

As new providers enter the Kampot market and coverage expands, prices get lower and speeds get faster all the time (with the exception of Ezecom, who seem to think it’s still the 1990s). So it’s worth doing your own price check and seeing what’s on offer.

3g and 4g data internet providers

Many expats choose to take advantage of the broad 3g and now 4g coverage in the country by using a 3g/4g modem. There’s more info in our  data internet packages in Cambodia blog post.

Popular packages are with phone providers such as Metfone and Cellcard. Metfone offers a monthly package of 20gb for $20 and sells the portable modem for $30. Cellcard offers 15gb for $20 and 45gb for $50. With both of these options it’s best to check your coverage, because while some areas of Kampot have great connections, other centrally located spots are dead zones. We speak from experience here.  All 3G providers in Cambodia allow tethering at the current time, so you can set up your phone as a wireless hotspot for your laptop, if you’re so inclined.


Old Market Street, Kampot [map]
T: 033 620 1168


T: 095 888 181


T: 081 44 78 78 (representative named Salim)


Phum 1 Osakphear, Kampot
T: 081 878 999; 081 833 999


Street 724, Kampot [map]
T: 012 812 812

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