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Maloop Garden – Phnom Penh’s permanent green treat?

The capital has a worthy successor to Odom Garden – and one that will hopefully survive longer as a vital green oasis to recharge mental batteries to face life in the foliage-deprived city. While Odom was doomed from the start … Continue reading

Review: Caucasus Georgian Restaurant, Siem Reap

I love Georgian food. I have never actually been to Georgia, but I have multiple Georgian cookbooks and I’ve eaten Georgian cuisine at highly regarded restaurants in New York, London, and Ukraine. (I’ve heard that the Georgian food in Ukraine … Continue reading

Mind your language! Learning Khmer in Phnom Penh

“Jum riab sua. Knom chmuah Susan.” Likely the first words you’ll be taught (minus the ‘Susan’ unless that happens to be your name too) when you embark on the sometimes frustrating but ultimately rewarding journey to learning Khmer. It’s fair … Continue reading

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