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One-street shopping in Phnom Penh for the festive season

Street 240 is a gift for Christmas shoppers! Christmas is coming, you can’t rely on Santa to do all the work, and time is running out. Forget the lookalike malls, there’s a pleasant, leafy avenue in Phnom Penh near the … Continue reading

Airbnb party pads near Phnom Penh

Cambodia has some truly fantastic accommodation options. Hotel rooms of all size and price in towns, true family homestays for the more adventurous in places like Sambor Prei Kuk and Chi Phat, and tented glamping in the Cardamoms for the … Continue reading

Maloop Garden – Phnom Penh’s permanent green treat?

The capital has a worthy successor to Odom Garden – and one that will hopefully survive longer as a vital green oasis to recharge mental batteries to face life in the foliage-deprived city. While Odom was doomed from the start … Continue reading

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