Kampot international schools

You’re in luck! There are schools in both Kampot of Kep for expat kids.

For lots of things, like groceries and books, Kep expats find themselves heading to Kampot. When it comes to education, though, it goes the other way: many Kampot expats choose to send their children to Kep International School, which offers a bilingual education in Khmer and English.

road to Kep

Many expats choose to head to Kep for their children’s schooling.

Luckily they’ve started offering bus services from Kampot to Kep to make the commute easier for Kampot families. The school is currently host to students from the US, Europe, Cambodia, and greater Asia, and teachers are European and Cambodian. For students who don’t arrive with English-language skills, immersion is the name of the game. There is formal Khmer instruction in all grades, and the school is appropriate for expat kids who may arrive with limited (or no) Khmer proficiency. Courses follow an international curriculum and there is an additional Saturday French school. Kep International School also offers French, Khmer, and English lessons for children on the weekends, and for teens and adults weekdays after school, and non-students can attend as well.

Peppercorns Home School was started several years ago by a group of expat parents who were concerned about the lack of international-quality educational opportunities for children in Kampot. They offer early childhood education and primary education for children ages two through 11. They use an international curriculum (UK and Australia), with play-based and thematic learning and properly accredited teachers. Peppercorns school is an expat favorite and we know several parents who rave about it.

Kep International School

Behind Provincial Hall, Kep
T: 036 652 3777

Peppercorns Home School

Red Road, 800 meters past the new bridge, Kampot
T: 066 280 045

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