Electricity, plumbing, and air-conditioning in Kampot

Need a Kampot electrician, plumber, or air-conditioning technician? We know who to turn to.

If you’ve just moved, we’ve got the low-down on electricity, garbage, and water. Make sure you know how much you should be paying for power and how to avoid being overcharged. If you need electrical or plumbing repairs done, usually it’s best to call your landlord and have him or her hire a local repair person. Or, if you want to hire someone directly, here are some of the more popular technicians in Kampot.

Kampot electricity

Power line down? No electricity? Toilet blocked up? Help!

Pon, a Cambodian electrician, comes highly recommended by Kampot expats, who say that he speaks great English and can handle most electric jobs.

T: 068 700 006

Mick the Builder” of Target Construction Cambodia is a British builder who is available for construction and electrical work in Kampot.


Expat-recommended Danish electrician Tom Peterson is also based in Kampot and is available for electrical work. Contact him on Facebook or by phone.

T: 0973 805 162

Butha is a Cambodia plumber who is recommended by the expat community for his ability to unplug toilets and do other basic plumbing jobs.

T: 089 547 884

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