Lazy river town Kampot feels a world away from Phnom Penh, and therein lies its charm.

Kampot has a quiet, small-town vibe and is becoming increasingly popular with both tourists and expats. The picturesque town center is peppered with quaint French colonial buildings and crumbling shophouses, as well as an array of surprisingly first-rate restaurants and bars. It might be a small town, but you’ll still be able to eat like a king, with restaurants operated by expats from Thailand, France, Portugal, the US, and Italy serving excellent examples of their home-country cuisine. At night you can enjoy live music, movie screenings, pub quizzes and more than enough places to enjoy a sundowner by the river. Whether you’re just here for the weekend or staying for a while, Kampot will lure you in with its charm.

We’ve got everything you need to know about Kampot, from hotels and activities to laundry and grocery shopping.

Kampot Expat City Guide

Can’t decide where to stay? Check out our real reviews of hotels and accommodation.

You might be surprised to hear that Kampot has a booming culinary scene. These are our favorite restaurants.

Kampot might be a laid-back town, but there are still lots of things to do and see.

We have a guide to the best shopping in town including books, clothing, pepper, and souvenirs.

In the transportation section, we cover how to get to and from Kampot, rent bicycles or motos in town, plus our favorite tuk tuk drivers and countryside tours.

Find out about local hospitals, doctors and clinics, ophthalmologists, and dental care in our medical care section.

Expat essentials covers the basics you’ll need to know as a Kampot expat:

Electricity and plumbing, Groceries and supermarketsInternet providersSchools, and Veterinarians.

Want to connect with other expats in Kampot? Here’s where to find them online and off.

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