How to get in, out, and around Kampot

How to get to and from Kampot, rent bicycles or motos in town, plus our favorite tuk tuk drivers and countryside tours.

Getting around town

If you’re staying in the center of town, Kampot is very walkable and you can spend an enjoyable few days cruising around town on foot. For anything further afield you’ll want to hire a tuk tuk or rent a moto.

cycling Kampot

Kampot offers lots of quiet roads with gorgeous views for cycling.

Resorts on the river are, for the most part, too far away to walk into town, so be prepared to pay approximately $4 each way to get into central Kampot. Tuk tuk drivers all offer full-day tours into the beautiful Kampot countryside, and if you are just visiting and have the time you should definitely spend a day outside of Krong Kampot. Expats in Kampot get around by moto, so if you’re living there, it’s a worthwhile investment to buy your own.

Recommended Kampot tuk tuk drivers

Mr. Vouthy is a friendly Kampot tuk tuk driver who speaks great English. He offers trips around town, but also does full day countryside tours that go to the salt fields, a pepper farm, a fishing village, and Kep for $20 for two people. He’s also happy to organize other tours based on your interests, or take you to Rabbit Island (the pier, anyway) for $15 return. Mr. Vouthy’s numbers are +855 (0)12 992 013 and +855 (0)16 606 892.

Kampot tuk tuk driver

Jack’s available for all of your tuk tuk touring needs.

“Jack” as he is known is a Kampot tuk tuk driver who is as entrepreneurial as he is friendly. He’s reachable by email or Facebook and can organize days tours, trips to Kep, and anywhere in the surrounding countryside. He also has a network of other tuk tuk driver friends that he can hook you up with if he is busy. Jack’s number is +855 (0)93 342 912  and his email address is (and he actually replies to emails).

Kampot tuk tuk

Mr. Vanna and his enormous tuk tuk, which is much bigger than it looks here.

Mr. Vanna has one thing going for him, and that is the fact that his tuk tuk is twice the size of a regular tuk tuk and can easily seat 9 to 12 people. He’s doesn’t speak much English and isn’t particularly reliable (ie. he may not show up at the scheduled time), but his tuk tuk is massive. And that’s got to count for something, particularly if you’re traveling as part of a group. His number is +855 (0)97 825 7317 and +855 (0)96 917 0288.

Move to Cambodia reader Kayla recommends Mr. Rany, a Kampot tuk tuk driver whose business card bills him as “the man who connects you with the local.” Rany speaks English and in addition to doing trips around town and day tours, he can organize taxis to Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh. His phone number is +855 (0)92 739 695 and his email address is

Moto and bicycle rental

Many guesthouses and businesses in town rent bicycles for $1 per day. Ask around and you’ll find one easily enough, but Rainbow Bridge Guesthouse has quite a few. Looking for somewhere to go by bicycle? We recommend cycling to Teuk Chhou.

Kampot moto rental

Rent a moto in Kampot for $4 per day. Driving license optional.

Kampot expats recommend Hong Kimeng Moto Rental for reliable moto rentals. They rent both automatic and manual transmission motos for $4 per day, and most of their collection are relatively new. You’ll need to hand over your passport to secure the rental, but they will provide you with a lock. It is recommended to use your own lock as well, but theft-by-rental-owner is not a known problem in Kampot. Be aware that if you crash the moto, they will not give your passport back until you pay for the damages. That said, when we rented a moto with them they didn’t even inspect it when we returned it.

Street 726 (East Street) 50 meters west of the 2000 roundabout, Kampot
T: +855 (0)97 586 0058; 012 619 041; 097 860 3444


You can book a taxi to and from Kampot online in advance, which is by far the easiest option if you do not speak Khmer.

Mr. Dara is a Sihanoukville-based taxi driver who speaks great English and drives all of the Kampot routes for reasonable prices. His numbers are +855 (0)16 266 393 and +855 (0)97 591 8043.

Mr. Heng is a taxi driver who goes between Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Kep for reasonable prices. His phone numbers are +855 (0)93 433 564 and +855 (0)89 742 426.

Kampot transportation

Get around Kampot by tuk tuk and see the beautiful countryside.

Getting to and from Kampot

How to get from Kampot to Kep

If you’re going from Kampot to Kep for the day to eat crab or just moving on in that direction, we’ve got all of the options in our guide about how to go from Kampot to Kep (and vice-versa). For day trips, catching a tuk tuk, renting a moto, or the new shuttle boat are the best options. Taxis and buses are another option, particularly if you’re only doing a one-way trip.

How to get from Kampot to Phnom Penh

Whether you’re heading from Phnom Penh to Kampot for the weekend or in the other direction on a supply run, we have all of the transportation options for getting from Phnom Penh to Kampot (and vice-versa) including taxi, bus, and mini-bus. One of our favorite options is Giant Ibis; read our full review of the Phnom Penh-Kampot mini-bus.

How to get from Kampot to Sihanoukville

It’s not too far from Kampot to Sihanoukville, so if you want to fly to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh (or Siem Reap), you can easily get to Kampot from there. We cover private and shared taxis that drive this route in our guide on how to get from Sihanoukville to Kampot (and vice-versa).

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