Updated 3G data plans in Cambodia

In the Move to Cambodia book, I recommend Cellcard’s INET3 data plan for iPhone, Android and other smart phones. At the time the book was written, it cost $5/month for 2GB of data. Since then, a few things have changed, and it’s all good news.

Cellcard Cambodia

More data than your smart phone can handle!

Cellcard is still offering the INET packages, but they’ve raised the data limits. If you just need data on your phone for one day you can use INET1, which gives you 250MB for 24 hours. INET2 offers 1GB for 7 days for $2. And these days INET3 offers a cool 3.5GB for just $5 a month. You can get any of these plans on your Cellcard phone by texting INET1, INET2 or INET3 to 6767.

Cellcard has also changed their APN settings. If you need to set the APN on your phone to use data, they’ve eliminated the username and password. The new setup is:

APN: Cellcard

But wait, there’s more! Cellcard is now offering a new set of data packages, Cellcard XG. They’re similar to the INET plans, except for the same price you get the addition of unlimited same-network texting, some free off-network texts, and free same-network call minutes. So if you’re already on one of the INET packages, it’s worth switching over. Check out their info page for all of the details, but this expat has chosen to go with XG5 which offers 100 free on-net minutes, unlimited on-net SMSs, 15 off-net SMSs, and 3.5GB of data. To sign up, dial #8181#3#2# from your Cellcard phone.

The higher plans also seem like a good deal, with 11GB for $15, or 15GB for $20. Recently Metfone–which many use for home Internet with a data-only SIM and a USB 3G modem–has lowered their $20 data plan from 12GB to 10GB, which seems ludicrous considering the competition they are getting from Digi and Opennet, so it seems likely that those of us who are still going the USB 3G modem route will end up switching to Cellcard.

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11 Responses to Updated 3G data plans in Cambodia

    yakeen says:

    hello what would be the best 3/4g coverage near the second river on the way to Kep (bridge) Thanks

    VP says:

    We got 3G cell card 3 day SIM card from Cambodia airport for $3 . We can’t seem to get personal hotspot as we did b4 using any other carrier SIM card. Can anyone help? TIA

    Jukka Nieminen says:

    I wish get the price from internet connection to my phone at Cambodia-I use hotspot from my phone to my laptop.

    Bunthoeurn Sin says:

    I wish to stop using XG, how to unsubscribe XG plan

    Changumij says:

    I’m not 3G

    Robyn says:

    What does “on net” calling mean? I got an xg5 plan and the data has been working great, but haven’t been able to make calls. Only now have I figured out when they said I had 100 minutes it’s referring to on net calling.

      Lina says:

      It means on the same network, so Cellcard-to-Cellcard calls. For all other calls, you’ll need to add additional credit. I usually spend about $10 in total each month, including the $5 for my XG plan.

    alan says:

    What does it it mean texting to INET1? How would billing work ? Can I subscribe out from Cambodia for family ?

      Lina says:

      Texting means SMS, so you send a SMS/text message from your phone to 6767 that says INET1 or INET2 or INET3. Billing is pre-paid, so they just deduct the amount from your balance. I don’t know of any family plans, each phone number has its own plan.

    David Flack says:

    Cellcard also do INET4 & INET5. I use INET4 which gives 8Gb for $10 with the same 1 month time limit. These packages are only advertised in Khmer, but staff in store are willing to explain the packages in English.

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