Kampot supermarkets and grocery stores

For such a small town, Kampot has a surprising array of grocery options, included imported foods.

If you’re cooking dinner, the local market is the best place for fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. But if you’re hankering for Western foods, there are a few grocery stores in Kampot that stock imported favorites.

Kampot groceries

Expat favorite the Daily Meat is stocked with imported pantry products, fresh local foods, and frozen treats.

The Daily Meat

The Daily Meat is Kampot’s best shopping option if you’re interested in imported and Western foods. They have expanded from their tiny shop and are now have a much, much bigger store. They carry a wide range of products, from canned tomatoes and apple cider vinegar to frozen steaks and imported cheeses. They also offer a small selection of locally produced items, including fresh baked bread and herbs from local farms.

32 Street 722, Kampot
T: 092 735 248; 092 478 205

Kampot grocery store

Swing by Heng Dy for charcuterie, kitty litter, and wine.

Heng Dy Drink Shop

Heng Dy is a typical grungy Cambodian drink shop (even though, strangely enough, it’s often referred to as a supermarket), but it does happen to stock a surprising array of Western goodies, including butter, cream, cheese, and charcuterie as well as canned goods and sauces. This is where to go for a bottle of Lea & Perrins or Hunt’s BBQ sauce, for example. They also sell imported wines as well as that ever-elusive bag of kitty litter and can of commercial pet food.

On the Durian Roundabout, Kampot
T: 033 932 925; 012 601 575

Kampot Market

For fresh fruits and vegetables, the local market in Kampot is the best (and least expensive) choice.

Psar Samaki (Kampot Market)

Kampot’s main local market is technically called Psar Samaki but is usually referred to as simply Kampot Market. You’ll find the usual selection of local produce, fruit, meats, fish and seafood, as well as clothing, homeware, tools, and toys. Parts of the market are quite dark and cramped, but the fruit area is blissfully light and airy, and throughout the sellers are friendly, even if you don’t speak Khmer.

Open daily, dawn until dusk
Street 714 and 729, Kampot

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