Cambodia job-hunting and professional resources

Cambodia Job Listings

  • Bong Thom Classifieds is the biggest classifieds site in Cambodia and is particularly good for Cambodia job listings.
  • CamHR is a very popular job listing site aimed at Cambodians, but with some expat-oriented jobs as well.
  • Phnom Penh Job Alert is a Facebook group with Phnom Penh job postings and help wanted ads for both locals and expats.
  • Siem Reap Job Posting is a Facebook group with Siem Reap job listings and help wanted ads for both locals and expats.

Cambodia Recruitment and HR

  • HR Inc is another leading headhunter in Cambodia that works with expats.

Cambodia Networking Groups

  • The American Cambodia Business Council (AmCham) “serves as the voice of American business within the Cambodian private sector” and regularly holds networking events and other activities.

Cambodia Development Sector

  • has many Cambodia-based development sector, non-profit and NGO job listings from various organizations. Be sure to sort by date, because it defaults to show the oldest listings first.

Cambodia LinkedIn Groups

  • Cambodia Professionals is an independent LinkedIn group with job listings and an active network of professionals in Cambodia that are happy to field questions.
  • Cambodia Private Sector is a LinkedIn group for professionals looking to enter or already working in Cambodia’s private sector (as opposed to the NGO world).

Teaching in Cambodia

  • Dave’s ESL Cafe has a special board for discussion of teaching opportunities in Cambodia.
  • occasionally lists good teaching jobs in Cambodia.