Safety and security

The Kingdom isn’t dangerous, as long as you follow sensible precautions and stay alert.

Most expats agree that Cambodia is a safe place to live. In fact, many would say that it’s safer than the big cities back home. Yet while that might be true, it’s still essential to be cautious and watch out for your belongings. Most victims of crimes in Cambodia don’t bother to report them–filing a police report requires a payment and rarely results in the return of your possessions–so there are no good stats on how many bag-snatchings and break-ins are actually occurring. However, it’s well known that there is more crime in the lead-up to major holidays such as Water Festival and Khmer New Year.

Most of the violence in the country occurs between locals, but expats are often targeted for muggings and break-ins. We’ve got some emergency numbers and tips for dealing with the police if you’re the victim of a crime. Plus, some words of wisdom about taking drugs in Cambodia.

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