Review: Naga House, Kampot

One of the most popular backpacker riverside guesthouses in Kampot, Naga House is a fun, inexpensive place to stay.

Naga House is a laid-back guesthouse with a collection of simple wood and thatch bungalows on the banks of the Kampot River that’s become known for its live music and chilled out party vibe. We’ve stayed there a few times and have enjoyed their simple bungalows and river views.

Laid back Naga House is a lovely place to enjoy Kampot.

The best way to describe Naga House would be to say that the place is as chilled out as its owners, a Brit-Aussie and two Cambodians who seem happy enough to enjoy drinks at the bar with guests and make a point to learn every customer’s name, even those who are only staying a night or two.

They’ve got a dorm that goes for $5 a night and bungalows that cost $12 in high season, and sometimes a little less in  low season. The less expensive bungalows are on the ground floor, the one I stayed in was tiled and had a fan, so it was cool and comfortable. All of the bungalows have had lush tropical greenery recently planted around them. Both the bungalows and the dorms are fan-cooled and have mosquito nets.

The more expensive bungalows are “treehouses” and are up a flight of stairs with a few hammocks hanging below (see above). The upstairs bungalows are quite open, allowing guests to enjoy the night breeze. Everyone I spoke to who stayed in the treehouses had very positive reviews. As with all natural bungalows, visitors should bring a pair of earplugs and an eye mask if they want to sleep past 6am.

A ground floor bungalow is waiting for you at Naga House in Kampot.

And if Pchum Ben weekend was any indicator, a morning lie-in wouldn’t be a bad thing, because the bar stayed open quite late. Naga House had a couple of local bands playing in the evening and people staying at the nearby guesthouses all came over for a Kampot-style party. The next day Naga House organized a boat trip which is easy enough, because their huge deck overlooks the river and you can jump right in if you’re so inclined.

As if that wasn’t enough, the food was surprisingly good. We say surprisingly because I don’t usually expect much from an inexpensive guesthouse, but the meals we ate at Naga House, both Western and Asian, were tastier than at the far more expensive restaurant we tried in town. Two thumbs up for the huevos rancheros, a dish that is ridiculously delicious but easily butchered. I ended up eating it every day that I was there, a testament to the culinary team at Naga House.

We were quoted the following prices at Naga House Kampot:

Standard bungalow: $7
Deluxe bungalow: $9
Superior bungalow with river view: $12
Dorm beds: $5

Booking in advance is recommended. Bookings are available online, either through their Facebook page or on

→ Check prices and book a room at on now.

Naga House
Tuek Chou Road, Kampot
T: 012 289 916

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