Review: Suns of Beaches hostel, Koh Rong

The amusingly named Suns of Beaches is a brand-new Koh Rong hostel on a beautiful private beach. It’s so new, in fact, that they have just started accepting their first guests. We took a tour of the place and saw what was on offer and are confident that Suns of Beaches is going to be popular.

Suns of Beaches Koh Rong

The private beach in front of Suns of Beaches on Koh Rong.

Right now there’s an eight-bed mixed dorm bungalow, with more on the way. One night in the dorm costs just $3.50, which is a steal. This is a soft opening price and will almost certainly go up in the future. There are also camping options, in the form of tents on the beach, each with a double futon mattress and pillows.

The dorm bungalow has three fans to keep it cool, and each bed has its own mosquito net. The bungalow is about 100 meters back from the beach, in the midst of beautiful tropical greenery, and has a balcony from which you can enjoy the jungle and sea views.

Suns of Beach Koh Rong dorm

Dorm beds for $2.50 a night.

The Suns of Beaches restaurant is just back from the beach, with white sand floors, a fully stocked bar, and inexpensive drink specials. The Cambodian bartender and staff are incredibly friendly, although not all have extensive hospitality experience. We assume, though, that they’ll learn on the job, and big smiles go a long way in that regard.

We sampled some of the restaurant’s fare, and the Khmer food they were serving was authentic and delicious. They’re growing many of their own vegetables, including morning glory, cucumbers, pumpkins, chilies, and many herbs. Elsewhere on the island all food is transported from Sihanoukville, so it’s a treat to have locally grown produce.

Koh Rong Suns of Beaches

Sea views at Suns of Beaches.

Run by a team that includes the former Scottish manager and Cambodian staff of the popular 88 in Phnom Penh and the English former co-owner of Ellie’s in Kampot, Suns of Beaches might be cheap, but they understand hospitality, a skill set often missing in Cambodia’s cheapest hostels. The 88 was well-known for its fun, party vibe, and we have no doubt that Suns of Beaches will live up to that standard.

Out front of Suns of Beaches is a beautiful and totally private white-sand beach, which we were told will be used for beachside parties. All in all, Suns of Beaches is the perfect backpacker retreat, and with dorm beds just $3.50 a night, you might as well stay for a while!

ferries from Sihanoukville.

Suns of Beaches

Vietnamese Bay, Nature Beach, Koh Rong
T: 010 550 355

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