The most popular of all of Cambodia’s islands, Koh Rong offers both nightlife and natural beauty.

Koh Rong has long been a favorite getaway for expats, who call it a true island paradise. With its white sand beaches and calm turquoise waters, and a refreshing absence of roads and fast-food joints, Koh Rong has recently — no surprise — become a top tourist and backpacker destination. It may not be the untouched wilderness it once was, but now there is accommodation on several parts of the island. Koh Toch is where to go to party, but other beaches, including Long Set beach (also known as 4km beach), Sok San beach, Coconut beach, and others, are much quieter. Whether you go for a weekend or for a month, Koh Rong should be on every expat’s to-do list.

We cover everything you need to know for an expat getaway to Koh Rong, from guesthouses and bars to snorkeling and seafood.

Koh Rong Island Guide

Heard of Koh Rong and want to know more? We tell you all about Koh Rong, including the history of the island and what it’s like now.

The island is surprisingly big, so it’s good to know before you go which part of the island you’d like to stay. We’ve got an overview of the geography of the island with a run-down of the best beaches.

Find out everything you should know (and buy) before heading to Koh Rong.

Figure out where you want to stay with our real reviews of Koh Rong hotels and accommodation from inexpensive island bungalows to more upscale options.

Hungry? We tell you where to eat. Whether you’re looking for Western or Cambodian fare, the island has a surprising array of options.

A visit to the island offers more to do than just beachcombing. Check out our list of things to do and see, from learning to dive to going trekking.

Koh Rong has developed a reputation as a party island. If you’re staying in the Koh Toch area, find out where the best drinking and nightlife is and prepare for a hangover.

In the transportation section we cover how to get to and from Koh Rong, whether you want to go by ferry or helicopter.

There’s not much available on the island, but we have some information about medical services and what to do in case of emergency.

Finally, there are expat essentials for those living on the island, including laundry, internet, groceries, and veterinary care.

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