Phnom Penh activities for kids: Swimming, playgrounds, and play spaces

In the last two posts about fun things to do for kids in Phnom Penh we covered arts and sports activities. This time, we’ve got a round-up of swimming pools, playgrounds, and play spaces for kids and teens in Phnom Penh. We’ve tried to include the most up-to-date information, but because of the pandemic it’s always best to confirm the details.

House Boutique Pool Phnom Penh

Cool off at House Boutique Eco Hotel in BKK1.

Swimming pools

A great way to cool your children off in the warmer months is by taking advantage of one of the beautiful local resort pools, or letting them take a dip in one of the customized child-friendly pools in Phnom Penh.

House Boutique Eco Hotel

If you’re looking for a lovely spot in BKK1 to hang out where the kids can splash around in the pool, head to House Boutique Eco Hotel. The pool is perfect for kids, with one side that’s only a meter deep and a frangipani island with seating that’s easy paddling distance away. The pool is free to use if you order $5 in food or drinks ($3 for kids). The food is good with lots of fresh Asian and Western choices and tropical juices, there’s lots of shady spots and umbrellas to use, and the staff are efficient and friendly.

DIB Club (Koh Pich)

DIB Club has a huge outdoor pool and separate child-safe paddling pool. You must spend a minimum of $5 at the restaurant to swim.*

Urban Space Playground & Café

Urban Space in Toul Kork has a shallow pool that’s designed for kids, including a paddle area and a kids-only slide. There is no charge for adults to accompany children.

  • Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; $3 for kids to use the pool or $5 for pool and indoor playground.
  • Friday to Sunday and holidays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ; $4 for kids to use the pool or $7 for pool and indoor playground.

Dyvith Hotel

Dyvith Hotel in Sen Sok has two swimming pools for kids and adults. They also offer swimming lessons.* Cost is $4 per swim session for kids or you can get a book of 10 passes for $32.

Plantation has several pools and lots of space. Spend $8 at the restaurant and you’re free to swim.

Many other hotels in Phnom Penh let non-guests use their pools if they purchase drinks or food at the restaurant, including Frangipani, Plantation, and Himawari.

Playgrounds and Play Spaces

There is some overlap because places like Coconut Park and Urban Space have pools and playgrounds and parks (and make for a great day out). There are also play-spaces of the ball-pit variety in many of the malls around town.

Urban Space Playground & Café

Back at Urban Space in Toul Kork, in addition to the pool mentioned above, there’s also a large outdoor playground over sand for safety with climbing equipment, tires, swings, and slides, plus shady tables for parents. For a separate price there’s an indoor playground with games, activities, and cushioned climbing, all supervision (and perfect for rainy weather).

  • Monday to Thursday; $3 for kids to use the indoor playground or $5 for pool and outdoor playground.
  • Friday to Sunday and holidays; $4 for kids to use the indoor playground or $7 for pool and outdoor playground.
Coconuts Park Splashpad Phnom Penh

Prepare to get wet at the Coconuts Park Splash Pad!

Splash Pad at Coconut Park

The splash pad at Coconut Park is perfect for little ones who want to get wet but aren’t quite ready for swimming. Purpose-built with jets of water to run through and a slide and other equipment. Towel rentals are available and parents are welcome to get wet, too.

  • Open Tuesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; $2 entry

Kid Park

Kids Park has indoor playgrounds at many of the malls in Phnom Penh including Aeon Mall, Aeon Mall Sen Sok, Exchange Square and Midtown Mall. Kids Parks have ball pits, climbing walls, slides, trampolines, sandboxes, and all sorts of indoor fun.*

  • $4 Monday to Friday, $6 weekends and holidays.


Funderland at Chip Mon Noro Mall has a room-sized ball pits, trampolines, and all sorts of sensory play and soft and cushioned fun for toddlers and kids up to age 10. They are also running summer camp sessions for 4- to 8-year-olds.

  • Open daily, 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.* Kid’s entry fee is $6 on weekdays, $8 for weekends and holidays. Adults cost $2. You must wear socks, or you can buy a pair there for $1.50.

*At the time of writing, a number of activities were operating on limited schedules or have cancelled classes. In some cases, businesses have listed themselves as “closed permanently” due to the pandemic, however many hope to reopen (in the same form or new business) should the situation improve. Please check to make sure they’re open before heading over.

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