International schools in Cambodia

International schools and schools for expats kids in Cambodia — yes, they do exist!

If you’re planning a move to Cambodia with kids, you’ll be happy to hear there are English-language educational opportunities in all of the major cities. Younger children have the most options, but Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international schools offer schooling through the high school level.

Students at Invictus International School, Phnom Penh.

Most English-language international schools in Cambodia also have options for studying in Khmer, and many have Mandarin and French programs as well. The fanciest schools are very expensive, but you can also find good schools that are more affordable. Don’t be fooled by the names, though; some of the worst schools in Cambodia call themselves “international” or “American” or “British,” but their curricula don’t match their monikers.

Local schools are, unfortunately, not up to international standards, and local families who can scrape together the money send their children elsewhere, or pay for supplemental tutoring or lessons. If you’re moving to Cambodia with kids, you should not plan to send them to local schools, so factor in the cost of schooling when planning your move.

Art classroom at Canadian International School, Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh international schools

Phnom Penh offers Cambodia’s widest range of schools that meet international educational standards. A plethora of international schools in Phnom Penh teach curricula from several different countries and with various accreditations. Phnom Penh is where all of the “big name” Cambodia international schools are, but there are also several less expensive options offering excellent educational opportunities.

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ISPP library books Phnom Penh

Multi-lingual school library books at ISPP.

Siem Reap international schools

Siem Reap has an ever-growing number of international schools taught in English, French, and Khmer. While the majority are for children up to age 12, a few also accept students through high school.

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Kampot and Kep international schools

Kampot has a fantastic school run by parents for children ages 3 to 12, and Kep has an English-language school teaching a New Zealand curriculum up to grade 6.

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Battambang international schools

The International French School, or Ecole Française de Battambang, is Battambang’s only internationally accredited school.

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