Updated December, 2020 Cambodia visa and quarantine rules

I just wanted to put a quick post on the blog to let readers know that the Cambodia visa page has been updated with late-breaking changes to the visa and quarantine procedures.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

All passengers entering Cambodia must quarantine at a government-designated hotel for 14 days. Passengers are no longer able to choose or pre-book specific hotels; now it’s just luck of the draw.

Ding, dong VAPG is dead

The VAPG/VAPGI sponsored individual program has been temporarily suspended due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus in Cambodia. People who would have previously qualified for this program will still need to pay a deposit and quarantine for 14-days on arrival.

Those quarantining at government-designated hotels are no longer able to have food deliveries or other deliveries brought to them, as designated by the Ministry of Health. If you’re planning on coming to Cambodia in the next week or two, you may want to bring some snacks with you as some of the hotels have been offering fairly light and/or unappetizing meals.

For a full run-down of entry and quarantine requirements, please see our All About Cambodia Visas page or visit the Cambodia Visa and Work Permit group on Facebook (but please don’t message the moderators or post questions that have already been asked; they hate that.)

2 Responses to Updated December, 2020 Cambodia visa and quarantine rules

    Ms Saw says:

    I’ve landed in Phnom Penh on 10-Dec-20 and currently quarantine at City Comfort Hotel. Tomorrow we will be checking out from this hotel, however was told that we only can check out around 9pm based on previous experience with other batch of passengers. According to them, they can’t release any passenger until receiving instructions from Ministry of Health. By doing this, there will be another day of hotel charges, which is unfair to the passengers. Not sure whether this has actually abide the guidelines that all passengers need to quarantine for 14 days. I’ve cross checked with other friend who has just out from quarantine 2 weeks ago, they actually checked out in the noon time. Why is there a different in standard of practice? Please advise urgently. Thank you

      Quarantine rules have gotten much stricter than they were two weeks ago. The hotels are not concerned about extra charges for guests, unfortunately. You will also probably be charged for hotel security and a nurse on duty for an extra $12/day or something like that. You can get more info in the Cambodia visa and work permits group on Facebook.

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