Snaps: Fishing off the Koh Rong pier

A couple of kids fishing off the Koh Rong pier.

Fishing off the Koh Rong pier.

When I saw these boys fishing off of one of the piers on Koh Rong, I had to get a photo. The Western boy was living on the island with his father, who was there working at one of the guesthouses. I’d seen him around, and admired his “free range” upbringing. Not the sort of lifestyle that city kids are allowed these days, but on undeveloped islands like Koh Rong it’s still possible.

He must have been fluent in Khmer, because all of his friends were the local Khmer boys who spoke almost no English. Just after this shot was taken, he turned around and gave me a withering look and then went back to fishing.

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