Where to buy toys in Phnom Penh

The number and quality of toy stores in Phnom Penh has improved over the years. It’s become easier to find genuine global brands, in part due to the influx of new shopping malls and the demand from the growing middle class for high-quality toys. From brick-and-mortar shops carrying recognizable brands, to local handmade toys and online stores, here is our list of the best toy stores in Phnom Penh. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, a development toy for your little one or a souvenir to bring back home with you, we’ve got you covered.

Cambodia Knits, a fair trade toy store in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia Knits is a local toy manufacturer carrying their own line of handmade children’s toys such as their popular Apsara and Hanuman dolls, as well as local animals such as sun bears, moon bears, and elephants. They also carry the full range of Beebee+Bongo toys that include multi-use educational and Montessori-inspired toys. CK is a provisional member of the World Fair Trade Organization, meaning all the products are made under fair working conditions and with environmental protection in mind. Their toys are also safety tested to international standards. [Cambodia Knits and Beebee+Bongo are the author’s businesses.]

If you’re looking for Montessori items, check out Forbie Montessori. You can reach them on their Facebook page and easily arrange delivery. They carry a lovely wooden stacking rainbow, wooden puzzles, and cards all with the Montessori method in mind. They also can make Montessori shelves and Piklar Triangle sets to order at reasonable prices and host a very informative and helpful Facebook group.

Maisy Bookshop and Gifts sells a collection of Lego, tents, quality wooden toys and bigger items for the playroom like play kitchens, full size dollhouses, and play tents. They have a good selection of children’s books and other learning resources. They can also make lovely Montessori-inspired children’s furniture.

Panha Sabay is not located in Phnom Penh (they’re in Siem Reap), but you can order from them online and they join regular popups and markets around the city. They make children’s learning resources out of recycled materials, mainly in support of their education programs for local children in Siem Reap. Their toys make wonderful gifts and support a great organization at the grassroots level.

Monument Toys carries lots of popular toy brands.

Monument Toys is located on the top of Monument Bookstore on Norodom and they also have branches inside of Aeon 1 Mall and at the airport. Here you can find Barbie, Lego, Playschool, and many other well-known brands. Their main location on Norodom also has a huge selection of children’s books and a nice space for sitting and reading.

Enginou Cambodia offers high-quality educational and recreational goods for children. They carry many high-quality toys, games, and books, and they offer delivery across the Kingdom.

Toys and Me has several locations across the city, including inside Aeon 1 and Aeon 2. They carry well-known brands like Play Doh, My Little Pony, Tomica, and Transformers among many more. Here you can find a selection of dolls, coloring pages, and markers and larger items like garden swings and slides.

Dream World Toy Shop is your go to place for Pokemon Cards with a wide selection of cards and card carriers. They also have many global brands as well as Chinese knock-offs. They can deliver and take payments via ABA.

In addition to our list, there are many smaller toy shops across the city and stalls selling toys inside most markets. However, you’ll want to be careful here as most toys here are plastic or imported from China or Vietnam without any safety testing. A report released in 2016 by a retired government scientist from Environment Canada, showed that 35% of toys in markets were found to have excessive amounts of heavy metals.

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