Lock’n’load in Kampot: Paintballing at Potshots

In Kampot’s glorious backyard, with serene Bokor Mountain looming in the distance, you won’t hear much but the faint sounds of ducks quacking in the distance. That is until you begin firing off a hundred shots, run for cover, and engage the enemy… Well, they used to be your friends until they were set loose with a top-of-the-line paintball gun. I sat down in the weapons locker with Ant, the mastermind behind the guns, the glory, and the games to learn more about Kampot’s next biggest attraction: Potshots paintball.

Kampot paintball

Fortune favors the bold.

About 3 km out of town, surrounded by the lush nature of the laid-back Kampot countryside, Ant has created an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. To get there, cross the new bridge and take the road to Sihanoukville with Wat Kampot on your left-hand side. Once you pass the petrol station, the road curves slightly and you’ll see a right turn onto a small dirt road with a Potshots sign. Follow the road for 300 meters until you see the next sign, turn left and you will emerge upon your battlefield. A tuk tuk from town costs $3 or $4. Potshots has flexible hours and so it’s best to give Ant a call and organize your havoc-filled day prior to arriving.

paintballing in Kampot

Everything you need to go paintballing in Kampot!

Opened in early 2016, Potshots has already left a mark on Kampot and we’re not talking about the bruises! Potshots is a fully equipped outdoor paintball arena and bar that hosts games for up to 20 gun-slinging desperadoes. Potshots has a diverse crowd ducking and diving within its war-zones: boys, girls, men and women, locals and tourists alike. “It’s the screamers who are funny, sometimes you get the big lads going ARGHHH!,” the owner, Ant, laughingly tells me. “Sometimes I have to play myself — to make up the numbers!”

Ant has just as much fun as his guests, and it’s easy to see that his energy is a big part of Potshots’ success. Everything has been carefully planned in order to ensure that everyone who looks down the barrel of their gun will do so with a grin on their face. Potshots features imported guns, carefully sourced paintballs, full camo-uniforms and protective masks. Once you’re kitted up, the madness begins!

Potshots Kampot

Get ready for action, soldier!

There are two fields and each of them has plenty of room for tactical maneuvers or just plain Rambo-style bravery. Different obstacles and structures, including barrels, forts, and barricades, add to the challenge of each game. The natural habitat creates cover and camouflage and provides ample opportunity to sneak-up on an unsuspecting victim. A game lasts 10 minutes or less, but can be very intense depending on your play style and the number of bullets you use.

Kampot paintball Potshots

Don’t forget to check your ammunition!

Potshots offers a range of different options for paintball action and can tailor it to your taste. Ant explains “I just try and think of stuff people will enjoy and then let them pick what they wanna do.” Potshots offers plenty of variety, including the fast-paced Eliminator, an epic battle that lasts until only one team remains, to the protect/assassinate President game, or the tactical five-flag Domination game.

Kampot paintball

Showdown till sunset at Potshots.

When it’s finally time for a break, you and your squad can cool down with ice cold beers, soft-drinks and spirits all starting from $1. Ant can even order in pizza if you feel peckish. Food can be enjoyed on the viewing platform that overlooks the paintball arenas, offering a stunning view of the gorgeous Kampot sunset and the endless paddy fields, only broken by the sudden rise of Bokor Mountain. Nestled in this little piece of paradise, there’s no doubt that Potshots is a one-of-a-kind paintball experience!

$10 gets you fully equipped – uniform, mask and gun – as well as 100 balls of ammunition. You can reload another 100 balls for $5. If you spend $25 you get a free beer.


Open daily, flexible hours – booking recommended
Just off NH3 (follow dirt track and signs), Kampot
T: 097 491 4684; 097 491 2943

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