Koh Ta Kiev’s best accommodation

Choose your island paradise with our rundown of the handful of rustic eco-resorts on Koh Ta Kiev’s quiet shores.

Ten103 Treehouse Bay

Ten03 Treenhouse Bay is a beautiful collection of rustic treehouses in the jungle, with an open-air beachfront dorm and an airy wooden deck and chill-out space overlooking their own secluded cove. Book now, or

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Crusoe Island

Offering a true castaway vibe, Crusoe Island, tucked away in the jungle and surrounded by nature and secluded beaches, offers a rustic feel and hammocks, tents, and lovely wooden bungalows. Book now, or

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Koh Ta Kiev Bungalows

One of only two Khmer-owned guesthouses on the island, Koh Ta Kiev Bungalows—also known as Nak’s Shack—offer a peaceful and authentic taste of island life, with very reasonably priced traditional-style bungalows and delicious local food. Book now, or

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Kactus is a stunning eco-resort with some of the best views of the island, and a reputation for amazing food and a wide array of accommodation options including hammocks, dorms and private bungalows. Book now, or

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The Last Point

Located at the south-eastern most point of the island, Last Point has a private stretch of beach and jungle, with simple wooden bungalows on the beach, hammocks, tents, or dorms, plus a bar serving up some great food and delicious drinks. Book now, or

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