Juicing in the Charming City: Phnom Penh juice bars

Cambodia is hot year-round, and Phnom Penh expats of a certain age try to stay in shape. Who can blame them, with the variety of gyms available, not to mention other fitness, yoga and dance classes in town. And the beach is just a three to four-hour bus ride away, right? Not to mention the Penh’s many pools; one is often required to be bikini or boardshort-ready as an expat in Cambodia.

Juicy Mercy Phnom Penh

Juicing in Phnom Penh, a sign at Juicy Mercy.

But eating healthy is just as important as getting in your exercise. And whether or not working out is your thing, sometimes drinking your five-a-day is nicer than all of the chewing involved in eating a big healthy salad.

Juice bars are popping up all over Phnom Penh, just in time to keep your hot season “glow” and give you some much-needed vitamins and minerals. This raft of juice shops focuses on fresh, local fruits and vegetables, and no added sugar. Most juice bars offer both juices and smoothies– we’ve set out their sizes and prices so you can compare. We’ve noticed that Phnom Penh juice bars don’t open especially early (8 a.m.) but do stay open until 8 or 9 p.m. for the student crowd.

Bbii Fresh Phnom Penh

Get your juice on at Bbii Fresh in Phnom Penh

Bbii Fresh

Small juice: $2.50
Medium juice: $3.99
Smoothie: $3.99

Special features: Bbii Fresh have small juices for take-away in cute squat glass bottles, and one type of pre-made salad with two options for dressings. And there’s a unique feature among the Phnom Penh juice bars:  a tidy, minimalist hostel/hotel in the back.

Juicy Mercy

juice (one size): $3.80
smoothie (one size): $2.80
Special features: Juicy Mercy also have a few salads, which looked tasty, and Greek yogurt. Although it is a little pricey, if you work out at The Place, Juicy Mercy means you can easily pop in for a juice post-workout. The space is also comfortable and includes tables and chairs that you could work at, or large leather couches.

The Hub juice

Anti-aging carrot at pineapple juice at the Hub.

Hub Juice and Smoothie Bar

Small juice (12 oz): $2.80
Medium juice (16 oz): $3.50
Smoothie: $2.00 – $2.80

Special features: Hub’s juices and smoothies are fully customizable! Calorie information is included for each juice and smoothie. Plus, they have specials like frozen fruit popsicles and fruit juice mixed with Red Bull (consumers must be over 16). They also have a seven day “juice cleanse” program, which recommends certain juices to drink before lunch and before dinner. At $39.20 for the week, this is probably the most affordable juice cleanse in town (although you still have to buy your own meals). Plus, they deliver.

The Juice House

Small juice (12 oz): $2.85
Medium juice (16 oz): $3.95
Smoothie: $2.00 – $3.00

The Juice House has a unique approach to juice, which is to make them taste delicious by adding things like ice cream and cookies to them. It’s not all high-calorie treats, though. They have a range of 100% fruit and vegetable juices ingeniously served over ice so as to not dilute them, and smoothies that can be made with rice milk, almond milk, soy milk or cow’s milk, and sweetened with honey.

Phnom Penh juice bar juice house

Juice served, literally, over ice.

Chom Ka (delivery only!)

juice: $4 for 500ml or $8 for 1 liter

This simple juice delivery service makes it easy to keep your home or work fridge stocked with juices to satisfy your 5-fruits-and-vegetables-a-day. Order the day before for morning delivery, or plan out an entire week of healthy juices to be delivered to your home or office. The mangosteen juice, which is only available during mangosteen season, is milkshake-thick, sweet, light pink, and not to be missed.

You can also get some fresh, healthy juices from these fine Phnom Penh cafes, along with yummy salads and other good-for-you fare:

Artillery juices $2.50, smoothies $2.50 -3.00, three-day Just Juice Cleanse $69 (delivery included)
Backyard Cafe juices $3.50, smoothies $3.50 – 4, 3 day juice cleanse $65
Gerbie’s juices $2.95, smoothies $3.25
Kettlebell Cafe juices $2.25- 2.75
Vego juices $2.95, “Power Drinks” $2.95

Bbii Fresh

172A Street 51, between Street 360 and 370, BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 011 883 882; 093 883 882

Juicy Mercy

22 Street 282, between Street 51 and Norodom Blvd, BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 017 610 904

Hub Juice and Smoothie Bar

Corner of St 310 and St 63, BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 016 995 993

The Juice House

30Eo Street 178, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
T:012 220 815

Chom Ka

T: 017 359 545 (call or text)


Street “240 ½” off of Street 240, Royal Palace area, Phnom Penh
13B Street 278 between Street 57 and Street 63, BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 078 985 530, 012 904 365

Backyard Cafe

11B Street 246, Royal Palace area, Phnom Penh
T: 078 751 715


78 Street 51, BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 098 786 161

Kettlebell Cafe

45 Street 454, Toul Tom Pong, Phnom Penh
T: 012 750 430

Vego Salad Bar

3Eo Street 51, BKK1, Phnom Penh
21B Street 294, BKK1, Phnom Penh
T: 012 984 596; 011 984 596

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