Getting in, out, and around Sihanoukville

From getting to Sihanoukville from the airport or out of town for a weekend break, we’ve got you covered.

Sihanoukville tuk tuks

While we try and avoid tuk tuks in Sihanoukville, we can recommend this guy…sort of.

Getting around town

The tuk tuks in Sihanoukville have a bit of a price-fixing racket going on. Therefore it’s wise to always negotiate the cost of a tuk tuk before getting in. Costs vary but are generally higher than elsewhere in Cambodia. To get from Serendipity to town will cost $2 to $3, from Serendipity to Victory Hill $4 to $6, and from Serendipity to Otres $4. Sihanoukville is the only town where we find taking moto-taxis preferable to tuk tuks, because that allows us to avoid the tuk tuk mafia. When you’re in town, pick up a free copy of the Sihanoukville Canby guide, they have a several excellent maps that can help you navigate.

We have used Mr. Try, a tuk tuk driver in Sihanoukville before and can offer a lukewarm recommendation. He’s friendly and speaks great English but he tried to raise the price on us after our pre-negotiated trip. He did accept the original price, but with a lot of grumbling. T: 097 666 6051

Moto rentals

There are lots of places that rent motos in Sihanoukville, but be aware that they are known for holding passports ransom when the moto is stolen in the night, often by employees of the rental shop. Moreover, foreigners are targeted by police and you can expect to be stopped several times while cruising around town and shaken down for small bribes. That said, because of the tuk tuk mafia in town, renting a moto is still preferable to other forms of transport.

We’ve got a guide to driving in Sihanoukville which you should be sure to read if you’re planning on renting a moto.

In addition to selling hot and cold drinks, Thida at Thida Coffee rents motos in Sihanoukville. She’s upfront, honest, and goes out of her way for customers. Manual motos cost $5 per day and automatics are slightly more expensive. As usual, you will need to leave your passport as collateral. It’s best to call ahead as she keeps some of the rental motos at her house.

Open daily, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Ekareach Street, inside the Lucky Ocean Mall, Sihanoukville
T: 012 981 918

Sihanoukville taxi

Mr. Dara is our favorite taxi driver in Sihanoukville!


Sihanoukville-based taxi driver Mr. Dara does airport runs and long-distance trips around the country. He is very friendly and speaks English and we had a good trip with him recently. He drives a Toyota Camry but has plans to upgrade to a Lexus. Sample rates are Sihanoukville to Kampot, $30, Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh, $50, Sihanoukville to the Koh Kong border, $60, Sihanoukville to Ha Tien, $40 Sihanoukville to Kep, $35.

His phone numbers are 015 527 599, 077 333 180, and 097 591 8043 and his email is

Cambodia90 is a taxi service that offers trips from Sihanoukville to: Sihanoukville Airport ($20); Kampot ($35); Kep ($40); Phnom Penh ($50); Siem Reap/Battambang ($130); Koh Kong ($55). Other locations are also possible. Call 097 296 0716, 012 405 047, 096 727 7494 or email

Sihanoukville Airport

Sihanoukville Airport: small but effective.

Getting to and from Sihanoukville

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