Phnom Penh expat essentials

Moving to Phnom Penh? We have all of the expat essentials you’ll need to settle down, from gyms and supermarkets to laundry and internet.

Electricity, plumbing, and air-conditioning

If you’re looking for an electrician, plumber, or air-conditioning technician in Phnom Penh, we know who to turn to.

Groceries and supermarkets

Phnom Penh is great for groceries, and you’ll be shocked to see how many items from back home can be found on the shelves of the city’s supermarkets. Find out which are Phnom Penh’s best supermarkets, with a special section on organic groceries.

Gyms, fitness, classes, and sports

Want to get fit? We round up the best Phnom Penh gyms — from local to luxury — plus boxing, fitness and dance classes, and a few fun sports teams.

International schools

In terms of schooling for children, Phnom Penh offers the widest range of options at international education standards. Learn about the international schooling options in Phnom Penh.

Internet providers

While Phnom Penh internet speeds will not match what you get at home, they’re still pretty great for a developing country. Check out our list of Phnom Penh internet providers.


Most parents agree that Phnom Penh is a pretty kid-friendly city. We’ve got a guide to kids in Phnom Penh, from activities to tips from other expat parents.

Laundry and dry cleaning

Feeling dirty? Have a look at our list of the best laundry services and dry-cleaners in Phnom Penh.

Learning Khmer

Now is the time! We’ve got some tips on learning Khmer, plus reviews of Phnom Penh Khmer-language schools.

Real estate, realtors, and housing

Whether you’re looking for a luxury villa or a cheap Phnom Penh apartment, we’ve got resources that can help. See our guide to Phnom Penh real estate and housing.

Travel agents

Whether you need to get your visa renewed or find a flight home, there’s a travel agent who can help. Meet our favorite Phnom Penh travel agents.


Does your pet need a checkup? We’ve got a list of the best vets in Phnom Penh.