How to get from the airport into Siem Reap

Visitors to Siem Reap will be relieved to hear that airport transfers to Siem Reap are pretty painless. The reason for this is that there’s virtually no competition from the Siem Reap Airport (REP) and the drivers have strict rules about not line-jumping or undercutting each other. This means prices are set and you will not usually need to bargain. You also can book a less expensive ride in advance through your hotel or travel agent.

You have four options for getting to Siem Reap from the airport: taxi, moto, tuk tuk, or van taxi.

Siem Reap Airport

Welcome to Siem Reap Airport! Here’s how to leave.

Taking a taxi from Siem Reap Airport

When you arrive at Siem Reap Airport, immediately after exiting the building you’ll see a taxi stand where you can book a taxi for $10 or a van taxi for $9. They’ve now had two price increases in a year, and the cost is now more than $1 per km into town, which I think is ridiculous, so consider booking through your hotel instead.

A regular taxi can seat four passengers although it will be a tight squeeze, and the trunk will not have enough room for more than two suitcases. If you have four or more people, go with the van option which can usually seat 6+ passengers and comfortably carry their luggage.

If you book a taxi through your hotel, the cost is usually around $10, but are higher from the luxury hotels in town.

Taking a tuk tuk from Siem Reap Airport

You book a tuk tuk at the taxi desk, in which case it the cost to Siem Reap’s city center is $9. They’ve recently raised the price to try and encourage people to take taxis instead, but never fear, you can still find a tuk tuk for between $4 and $6 if you walk through the parking lot and towards the exit (or just outside the airport) where you’ll find tuk tuks that have just dropped off their passengers and are heading back into town.

Tuk tuks can seat up to four passengers, but they will try to charge you more if you have multiple passengers. Siem Reap tuk tuk drivers are notorious for dropping you off at your hotel and then offering incredibly cheap temple tours, and then changing the price mid-tour. Because of this, it’s best to avoid using the official airport tuk tuk drivers for your temple tours (instead book one through your hotel or find someone you like at any of the night markets in town).

If you book an airport pickup through your hotel, they will usually send a tuk tuk to pick you up. Prices range from free to $7. With the latest price increase it’s advisable to book a tuk tuk through your hotel instead of at the airport.

Siem Reap airport taxi

Siem Reap airport transfers: taxis, motos and vans at the desk, tuk tuks out front

Taking a moto from Siem Reap Airport

Motos are also available from the taxi stand for $9. The price used to be $2, then $6, but the taxi mafia has forced the price to be raised to push people to take taxis. To find a cheaper option, walk  through the parking lot and towards the exit and you’ll be able to find one on their way out. The cost should be around $2, but negotiate in advance. If you do take a moto, don’t wear your bag on your back, ask the driver to hold the bag up front or hold it between yourself and the driver. New arrivals are easy targets for bag snatchers, so be especially careful on motos or when you put your bag down to pay for your transport.

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    vini says:

    Im looking for updates on how to go from the new airport SAI , since REP is not operational anymore.

    gilda waugh says:

    why art there any buses in Siem reap. tuk tuk are cheap but it soon adds up. Bangkok is full of buses.

    Vicnes says:

    Hi there, is the pricing for a taxi still the same as of this year?

    Jay Delancy says:

    Hi there,

    My buddy and I are looking to travel from REP to HAN. The flight options we are looking at is at 2005hrs. However, we have a full day tour at Angkor Wat until 0600hrs. Will it be possible to make it from the city center to the airport in time? It is estimated we will be back at the hotel by 0630Hrs. Thanks!

      Lina says:

      That will be cutting it pretty fine. Check Google Maps…the airport is very close to town, about 20 minutes. But you should budget 30 minutes at least, just in case. That means if your tour runs late at all you will be in trouble.

    Ivy says:

    Hi. How do you go to the bus station from the siem reap airport?

    Ching says:

    Are there tuk tuks or mototaxi available at 6am to the airport?

    Tracey says:

    Hi how long does it take to get from Siem Reap Airport to Siem Reap City via taxi?

    Many thanks

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