Cambodia visa fees increasing

The Cambodia Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced that the price of one-month visas will be going up as of October 1, 2014. The price of the 30-day tourist visa will rise from $20 to $30, and the price of a 30-day “ordinary” visa, also called the business visa, will rise fro $25 to $35.  The price of E-visas (aka tourist visas that are purchased online, as opposed to E-class ordinary/business visas) will rise to $37. Update as of June, 2015, E-visas incur an addition $3 fee, bringing the total cost up to $40.

Visas will continue to be free for those under 12.

In their statement, they also went back to calling the “ordinary” E-class visa a “business visa”, but in light of the fact that the statement was called a “ress release” we are unsure of the significance of the visa name change, if any.

The price of the tourist visa (not including extensions) has remained the same for more than two decades, so we think this price hike is not worth moaning about.

So far, they have not announced an increase in long term visas (3-month, 6-month, and 12-month) although it seems likely that is coming down the pipeline.

There have also been rumors that the 12-month visa may be eliminated and others saying that Cambodia visas will eventually allow free entry into ASEAN countries. There’s been no confirmation that either of these rumors are true, however.

This is on the back of the recent work permit rumors (link has been updated with today’s news). While it’s true that apart from the price hike of the 30-day visa everything is still idle speculation on the part of Cambodia’s expats, it seems likely that with the creation of the Department of Immigration earlier this year, some things may change.

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    Pen Sony says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Sony from Battambang but I have a tourist team that they are all my friends from the Nepal with a total of 40 visitors want to visit the Cambodia in a program of 3n4d. However, we just want to get information of visa fee that how much they should pay to enter to Cambodia?


    Al says:

    Hi Lina, first of all thanks for all the information you provide through your website. I had a question. I am a U.S citizen and would like to visit Siem Reap first to see whether I like it and then come back. Which visa should I get on arrival.

    Thank you kindly,

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