Snaps: “The best iced coffee in Phnom Penh”

Mr. Bunnareth and what might possibly be the best iced coffee in Phnom Penh.

This photograph was taken by recent arrival and photographer Lucas Veuve. Here’s the story behind the photo:

“Mr. Bunnareth has been making coffee in the Russian Market for more than 30 years. He’s truly an amazing character. The first time I visited his stall I stayed for more than an hour, chatting and drinking the iced coffee that he is famous for. He gives me an extra shot of coffee, ice and condensed milk which provides me with enough caffeine for the day. For $1, it’s worth every cent.

You can identify his stall amongst the others as he has the most flags, postcards and newspaper cut-outs hanging from the ceiling. Otherwise, just look for the board that says ‘The best iced coffee in Phnom Penh.’ Be aware though, the other vendors also make this claim!”

Lucas Veuve is a freelance travel and humanitarian photographer based in Phnom Penh. For more information on his work, visit his website.

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