Snaps: Sunset in Kep

Sunset at the Kep pier.

When I first came to Cambodia, I–like many expats–didn’t know a soul. I met Caitlin through a mutual friend, and a few weeks after I arrived she dragged me to Kep for a quiet  weekend where we did very little other than laze around, eating seafood. I took this photo of Caitlin and the Kep pier at sunset. I wish I could remember what she was pointing at.

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    bruce says:

    i am retired almost 59 year old male. i have an interest in possibly relocating to cambodia to enjoy my retirement . as of june 29 2013 (today) what is the reality of getting a job teaching english. would my age be a problem? it would be easy enough for me to take a esl course here in the US . would ESL course be enough or have the qualifications become more strict? thanks Bruce Gallo

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