Khmer studio photos: Zombie edition

In what are possibly the best Khmer studio photos I’ve ever seen, Hilary Ford and friends went as zombies for a special Halloween edition. If you want more from the genius mind of Ms. Ford, stay tuned–she’s doing our Expat Q&A next week.

Khmer studio photo zombies

Khmer studio photos, the zombie edition.

One of the things she was happy to learn after she moved to Cambodia?

“I’m glad that we figured out that Khmer wedding portrait studios can double for Halloween zombie photo shoots.”

The walking dead: more fun than a wedding portrait.

“We showed up with some pictures of zombie faces and some sort of Cinco De Mayo face paint. At first it was a bit more Dalmatian puppy looking and then they decided to go more of a Black Swan route.”

Khmer studio portraits: the zombie edition

The flames of hell or just hot season in Cambodia?

If you’ve got some good Cambodia studio photos, we’d love to see them! Please post a link in the comments, email them or post them on our Facebook page.

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