Review: Chantra Computer, Phnom Penh

As Phnom Penh becomes increasingly more developed its computing and tech needs are growing too. Although there are many places to pick up computers and tech accessories around town, you would be hard pushed to find a more well stocked computer shop than Chantra Computer.

Chantra Computer Phnom Penh

The Chantra Computer flagship store in Phnom Penh, home to untold computer delights.

Chantra Computer has expanded from their original computer store in Toul Tom Pong to another two locations in Phnom Penh, one on Kampuchea Krom, and another on Street 315 in Tuol Kork. They also have a small shop on Charles De Gaulle (also known as the Temple Road) in Siem Reap.

Chantra Computer is a reliable supplier for computers, laptops, monitors, and gaming equipment in Phnom Penh, carrying a wide range of name-brand equipment at reasonable prices (I’m typing this on a Logitech keyboard that’s hooked up to a Dell monitor, both of which I purchased at Chantra Computer).

Chantra Computer Toul Tom Pong

The main Chantra Computer shop in Toul Tom Pong is filled with impressive gear.

Chantra Computer is the place that computer nerds recommend for all of your PC needs, particularly if you are planning to build your own computer from scratch. They also carry replacement monitors, hard drives, a new mouse, or computer repairs. Chantra has speedy and professional service, although if your questions are too complicated, they will often direct you to one of the many computers set up in the shop to browse their catalog.

Laptops range in price from less than $400 to over $2000 (brands include Lenovo, Asus, Acer) and they also have a limited selection of used Mac products. They also have a huge range of gaming equipment, from computers built for gaming to controllers, speakers, headsets, and multimedia accessories. In fact, they go far as to call themselves the Republic of Gamers!

Chantra Computer Kampuchea Krom

The Chantra Computer on Kampuchea Krom has a dedicated section for gamers.

When you purchase at Chantra Computer, be sure to check their warranty, as it varies for different types of products. They do not offer returns which can be a bit nerve-wracking (but is standard in Cambodia), but they do offer repairs and will check all products before you leave the store to make sure they are in proper working order.

For a run-down of other computer shops in Phnom Penh, check out our guide to computer shopping in Phnom Penh.

Chantra Computer (flagship store)
18BEo Street 468, Toul Tom Pong, Phnom Penh
+855 (0)12 646 581

Chantra Computer Kampuchea Krom
29 Street 128 (Kampuchea Krom), Phnom Penh
T: +855 (0)10 012 070

Chantra Computer Tuol Kork
14 Street 315, BKK 2, Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh
T: +855 (0)87 600 555

Chantra Computer Siem Reap
Charles De Gaulle Blvd, Siem Reap
T: +855 (0)12 258 181

3 Responses to Review: Chantra Computer, Phnom Penh

    JS says:

    Chantra is an excellent source for ITC equipment, but it is far from the only one in PP – IT is a remarkably well served sector. I know the TTP store well, living nearby in BT.

    All that aside, is this “forum” really the right place for such unabashed advertorial?

      Hey JS, it’s not advertorial in that we have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with Chantra Computer, we are just customers. If you have suggestions for alternative computer shops, please feel free to share!

    Beniamino Angelo Lucciola says:

    I will be moving to Phnom Penh in two weeks. I am bringing a computer with me that has a newly installed blank new hard drive. I would like to know if you can install the latest version of Windows 10? and anything else that I might need? If so, how much would that cost me? And how soon can it be done?

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