Review: Sunflower Guesthouse, Koh Rong

Offering the ideal place to hang out and chill, Sunflower Guesthouse is a friendly spot in Koh Toch Village.

This laid-back guesthouse in the heart of Koh Toch Village is owned by the same people behind Happy Elephant Hotel and Bungalows — at time of writing they were thinking of ditching the Sunflower name and including it as the less expensive part of Happy Elephant. With just 14 rooms, Sunflower has the social element of a hostel but the benefit of private rooms.

Sunflower Guesthouse Koh Rong

Sunflower is a relaxed place to chill out and meet new people.

A dorm is currently in the works, but for now the rooms offer either one double bed or two single beds. The fan-cooled rooms are slightly — only slightly — nicer than the standard Koh Toch Village accommodation; they are concrete, which means they are less prone to night-time mosquito visits, and each bed has a mosquito net.

The roof extends all the way to the ceiling and most have windows facing the lane. Each has a private bathroom with an unheated shower (although let’s be honest, room-temperature water in Koh Rong is almost never cold).

Sunflower Koh Rong

A room at Sunflower Guesthouse — don’t worry, you’re going to spend most of your time outside!

Out front is a gathering spot with hanging basket chairs, a hammock, and a guitar for those who want to have a strum. WiFi is also available but is in very limited supply, as they are on a 1GB-per-day plan, so this is not the place to download the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Upstairs is a balcony overlooking the lane with more room to chill out, and the manager assured us that in the evenings visitors take advantage of the “hostel-like atmosphere” to hang out here, chatting and relaxing.

We were quoted the following prices at Sunflower Guesthouse:

  • Room with double bed and twin bed: $20 to $35 in high season, $10 in low season
  • Room with double bed: $20 to $35 in high season, between $8 and $10 in low season

When the island is empty, rates are possibly even lower. Bookings are available online.

Sunflower Guesthouse

Koh Toch Village, up the lane under the CPP sign, Koh Rong
T: 016 302 323; 012 790 810; 012 698 828
Book Sunflower Guesthouse online.

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