Review: Song Saa Resort, Koh Bong P’oun

Set on a gorgeous private island, Song Saa Resort is a favorite of celebrities and the ultra-wealthy.

Offering Cambodia’s most luxurious lodging, Song Saa Resort is located on a private island with white sand beaches and placid aquamarine waters just off of Koh Rong. There are 27 gorgeous air-conditioned villas, designed to allow you to never leave, if you so choose. There are several styles, in one- or two-bedroom variations, all built to the highest standard, some with a view of the sea, others in the jungle, some built directly over the water on stilts — which is amusing, since traditionally Cambodians regard this style of architecture as almost exclusively the province of poor Vietnamese fishermen.

Koh Rong beaches

We only got to see Song Saa from a distance.

Song Saa is an all-inclusive resort, so all of your gourmet meals — and they are gourmet — are included, as is the mini-bar (stocked with champagne as well as more ordinary beverages), laundry, speedboat transfers, and foot massages. Each villas has its own dedicated serf, called a “guest experience officer.” They even have their own time zone! The resort asks guests to set their watches an hour forward on arrival so that they can enjoy breakfast at sunrise (usually 6 a.m., but 7 a.m. Song Saa time) and start cocktail hour at dusk, proceeding to a sunset dinner. We can’t help but admire the hubris of a resort that bends time itself to its guest-pampering dictates.

The list of amenities in the Song Saa villas will make you sick to your stomach, either with envy or class resentment: sunken bathtubs, huge flat-screen TVs, Bose surround-sound speakers, Nespresso machines with loose-leaf-tea programs…some even have a mojito-making station. All of the villas have a private pool, but some also come with a private chef or a private beach. One is even equipped with a private jetty so you can be whisked to and from the island without even the other ultra-wealthy guests knowing you’re there.

If you book directly, prices for villas start at $1,400 all the way to $4,000 in low season and between $2,000 and $5,000 in high season. Villas can be booked online, and if you want to go in peak season you should book early. Prices, particularly for the less expensive villas, can be significantly cheaper online (on and Agoda). And if you truly love the place, they have a few one- or two-bedroom villas for sale.

Song Saa

Koh Bong P’oun (Song Saa island), Sihanoukville
T: 0 23 886 750

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