Review: Romdoul Resort aka Nature Beach, Koh Rong

Beautifully situated, Romdoul Resort, also known as Nature Beach, has a lovely beach but disappointing service.

Romdoul Koh Rong, also called Nature Beach, is a Cambodian-run accommodation that offers wooden bungalows and inexpensive camping options. The wooden bungalows are simple, with one or two beds and mosquito nets, but a few have air-conditioning. There’s also a massive family bungalow with two double beds. All bungalows have private balconies for lounging.

Tents come with a futon and pillows. Tents that sleep one are on the ground and are less expensive, but tents for two are on a platform several feet off the ground.

Nature Beach Koh Rong

Sleep in an elevated tent at Nature Beach on Koh Rong.

Although the beach is beautiful and secluded, Romdoul get poor reviews for service, noise, and hordes of daytrippers that take over the beach, and for that reason, we’ve never stayed there.

Be aware that they use both the names Romdoul and Nature Beach. An employee explained to me that they call it Romdoul Koh Rong to market to Cambodians and Chinese tourists and Nature Beach to market to foreigners — he also said that only Westerners want to sleep in tents. If you do want to stay there, check both names (and note that they have double listings on review sites under both names as well).

Romdoul Koh Rong

Or sleep in a bungalow at Romdoul Resort on Koh Rong.

We were quoted the following prices at Romdoul Koh Rong aka Nature Beach:

  • Fan bungalows, twin or double: Between $50 and $90 in high season, between $30 and $60 in low season
  • Tents on the ground: $5
  • Elevated tents: $15 in high season, $10 in low season

If you book direct. prices differ; $5 for tents and $15 to $30 for bungalows in low season and in high season $10 for tents and $40 to $80 for bungalows. You can make a reservation on (Romdoul and Nature Beach) on Agoda (Romdoul and Nature Beach) or on Hostelworld, but be aware that prices and availability vary from one listing to another.

Romdoul Koh Rong Resort aka Nature Beach

Nature beach, Koh Rong
T: 070 926 288; 096 222 9213; 096 222 9218

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