Review: Long Set Resort, Koh Rong

With the poshest amenities on this side of Koh Rong, Long Set Resort offers unparalleled comfort on the white sands of Long Set Beach.

The southeastern side of Koh Rong is the most popular part of the island, but until now didn’t have a high-end resort. Finally Long Set Resort has arrived, offering air-conditioned rooms with satellite flat-screen TVs and the typical hotel comforts not found in the rustic island bungalows nearby.

Long Set Resort Koh Rong

Enjoy the views beach at Long Set Resort.

The best thing about the place is the location — it’s right on the white sands of Long Set Beach (named after the cashew farmer who tended the nearby orchards) and looking out onto Koh Rong’s placid turquoise waters. They’ve got ample seating on the sand, including tables and sun loungers with big white umbrellas to protect you from the mid-day sun.

We liked the nifty solar lights that keep the beach illuminated at night, but not so illuminated that you can’t see the stunning bioluminescent plankton in the water visible on moonless nights. On other beaches nearby there’s usually too much artificial light to see these tiny, impressive creatures.

Long Set Resort Koh Rong

You can hardly call this posh retreat a bungalow.

Long Set Resort’s modular white bungalows are brand spanking new. In fact, we hesitate to call them bungalows, because these modern units having nothing in common with the wooden bungalows found next door. Each of the private deluxe standalone villas has either one or two double beds with air-conditioning, satellite TV, and sliding glass doors. The rooms are very spare and white, with almost no furniture, but a clean, modern look.

The deluxe one we looked at had, strangely, a bathtub installed on the patio — we’re not sure to what end, but if you want to take a bath while gazing at the sea, this is the place to do it. The standard bungalows (which are more bungalow than villa) are smaller do not have air-conditioning, so it might be worth springing for the deluxe villa.

Koh Rong Long Set Resort

A deluxe twin unit with air-conditioning at Long Set Resort.

Long Set Resort has 24-hour electricity and a good WiFi connection in the restaurant. Although the accommodation is high-end, the prices at their restaurant are very reasonable. We ate several meals there and were impressed by their authentic and delicious Cambodian fare. We hear that the Western dishes are good, too, but we didn’t try them. The $3 cocktails were much appreciated, as it saves the long walk to Nest, which is currently the only other bar on Long Set Beach.

We were quoted the following prices at Long Set Resort:

  • Double fan bungalow: $60 in high season, $48 in low season
  • Deluxe double air-con unit: $80 in high season, $64 in low season
  • Deluxe twin air-con unit: $100 high season, $80 in low season

Bookings available on their website, but low season prices are significantly higher than walk-in or online rates. Rates for units are occasionally lower on, so it’s worth checking there.

Long Set Resort

Long Set Beach, Koh Rong
T: 034 447 0888; 086 796 666

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