Review: Koh Rong Boutique Guesthouse, Koh Rong

Offering the comforts of home, this purpose-built hotel is one of the nicer choices on Koh Rong.

This new-build hotel located in the heart of Koh Toch is excellent value and distinctly more comfortable — if a bit blander — than the rest of the village offerings. With 39 almost-identical rooms in a modern apartment-block style, Koh Rong Boutique Guest House is more hotel than guesthouse, but the experience they offer is one that many guests will crave after a few nights in the village proper.

Koh Rong Boutique Guesthouse

Koh Rong Boutique Guesthouse: An oasis of cleanliness in Koh Toch Village.

The sterile white rooms are a welcome change from the splintering wood and mildewed thatch seen elsewhere. All rooms come with air-conditioning, which is the place’s main draw. We question whether the island has enough electricity to support air-conditioners in 39 rooms, but we leave it to the hotel to sort that problem out.

Each room has either one bed or two, but the beds in the two bed-rooms are uncomfortably close together, so be sure you know your roommates well. Each room has a small rattan table and chairs and a large window facing the courtyard, which has been planted with lush tropical flowers and trees. The bathrooms are pristine and tiled, with a hot-water shower (one of the only ones on the island).

Koh Rong Boutique Guesthouse

Koh Rong Boutique Guesthouse: It’s simple, it’s clean, and it’s cold.

Overall, we thought the place was great value for money and would be a welcome change for those who have tired of the rustic village experience. The rooms are clean and sealed, meaning no mosquito problems; the air is cold and the water is hot.

The walk-in rates we were quoted were $30 for a double and $40 for a twin in low season and $50 in high season, and the prices are the same on We can’t believe they will keep the prices this low — even low-quality bungalows command a higher price — so get in while the getting is good.

We were quoted the following prices at Koh Rong Boutique Guesthouse:

  • Double room with air-conditioning: $50 in high season, $30 in low season
  • Twin room with air-conditioning: $50 high season, $40 in low season

You can make a reservation on

Koh Rong Boutique Guest House

Koh Toch Village (turn right at Dream Catch Inn), Koh Rong
T: 018 996 7168; 087 991 111
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