Review: The InterContinental Gym, Phnom Penh

You’ve requested more Phnom Penh gym reviews, and I’m here to deliver. When I first moved to Phnom Penh I joined the gym at the Great Duke (formerly the Intercontinental Hotel). The Great Duke gym is seriously underrated and probably Phnom Penh’s best value, high-end gym.

Fredrik Carlsward

Fredrik is happy to show you how to get muscles as big as his.

The gym was set up by Fredrik Carlswärd and Maria Ahlberg, married Swedish bodybuilders and fitness freaks. They are no longer there, but are the reason that the Great Duke gym is so great–it’s was put together by people that actually work out! So while the gym is small, it has everything you need to get fit.

The staff at the Great Duke gym are all actually into fitness; they’ve hired Cambodian bodybuilders to help out which means they actually know how to use the gym equipment and can help out newbies (something that most of the other gyms in town can’t boast). There are also yoga and core classes in their attached studio.

The locker room is one of the perks, featuring a sauna and a not-crowded locker experience. You can also rent yearly lockers for $30, which is handy if you don’t want to carry around your gym shoes and shampoo all the time.

InterContinental Hotel Pool in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Gym membership includes the perk of getting to lounge by the InterCon’s lovely pool.

Gym membership also includes access to the Great Duke’s pool, which is undeniably lovely, and they also lend nice beach towels for the pool instead of gym towels, which is a nice touch.

Prices are good, relative to other options in town. With The Place Gym, if you don’t sign up for a full year you end up paying out the nose, but the Great Duke offers many reasonably priced short term offers. One year is $850, although if you’re willing to go during off-peak hours it’s only $510. Six months is $500 for peak time or $300 for off-peak and three months is $290 or $175 off-peak. They also offer discounts for corporate groups and couples. One-year memberships also include 10 one-day passes for family and friends, and 10% off when it’s time to renew.

The InterContinental Gym

Small but perfectly formed.

The positives outweigh the negatives, but as always there are negatives. For one, the location; the Intercontinental isn’t particularly central, but if you’re living in that part of town it’s not a problem. I only stopped using this gym when I moved. And while there are a fair number of cardio machines, four each for treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bicycles, there’s a 30 minute limit during peak hours because it can get crowded. And finally, the day pass cost is ridiculously expensive, $40 to use the gym and the pool (and I thought The Place was bad at $15 a day!).

But overall, the gym at the Great Duke is still one of the best options for people living in southwest Phnom Penh and it offers very good value for money. If you’re looking for a high-end gym and can go during the day, this is the best rate you are going to find in town.

The gym is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

InterContinental Hotel Gym

296 Mao Tse Tung Blvd, Phnom Penh
T: 023 424 888 ext. 5000

13 Responses to Review: The InterContinental Gym, Phnom Penh

    Lorraine says:

    Hello everyone ! Can you recommend me a khmer-style gym club for 2000 riels to 1$ per day ? I know many gyms clubs in Siem REap for this price but I don’t find one in Phnom Penh ! Thank you.

    Suzanne says:


    I can really recommend Superfit on Mao Zedong. Very near Russian market (google location is not correct, it’s next to the International Book Center near Tonle Bassac restaurant on 163 street), daypass including towels and locker for $8, great equipment, outdoor pool, steam rooms, table tennis and even a CrossFit box. Also multiple classes, some in English.

    CannabisTourist says:

    One year is $850 ??? Good price ?

    You must be joking !!!

    Karl says:

    Hi guys , things have changed the over the last year or two, you can find some pretty well set up gyms in PP at reasonable rates, $35 for a months membership is standard around the suburbs, $ 1 for a casual visit is what I pay over in Chbar Ampou, I’m an Aussie and an X gym owner so when I say well set up I know what I’m talking about. Ask the locals where the swimming pools are, there’s usually a gym attached.

    jay says:

    How much do they pay you or discount to write these bs reviews just to rip people off. You said the same about “the place” thats is supposed to be reasonable, which is ridiculous. In the states you can get it much cheaper, and here you are in a supposedly “3rd world country” with low salaries supporting these over priced places, and for what. So you can get the perks for free, screw that.

      Lina says:

      Jay, in case you haven’t realize it yet, you aren’t in the US and you aren’t going to get Western-style gyms for the same price here, and expecting you will is sort of stupid, frankly. Fancy gyms are more expensive here because they are considered a luxury purchase for rich Cambodians and foreigners. Do some research. You can go to a local-style gym for 2,000 riel a visit. Details on more gyms here:

      I don’t get paid or get discounts to write these reviews. I have had a membership (fully paid) at both the Place and the InterCon in the past (and now have a fully paid membership in Siem Reap).

        Aldo says:

        Paddy’s Gym had more than these places and was $1 a day. It’s gone because Paddy is in Thailand. Cambodia is a very poor country acting neo colonial and trying to act as if that makes it ok to charge 4000 times as much per capita than the First World is delusional. Thailand which isn’t the USA now has better gyms than ever before and lower costs than 10 years ago. These reviews smack of a sycophantic ultracrepidarian through and through.

          Lina says:

          Historically, there has not been a huge demand in Cambodia for fancy air-conditioned gyms, which is why fancy air-conditioned gyms are uncommon and expensive. That’s already starting to change, and I’m sure in a few years you’ll be able to get the same prices you can get in the US. But Cambodia isn’t Thailand, and as long as you think it is you’re going to continue to be angry and disappointed.

      Michael says:

      Gonna go out on a limb and say Jay never took any debate classes. Xoxo

    matiasbravojara says:

    40 $ for pool and gym ?!

    aaron says:

    Hi. I have the place gym membership voucher for a year and plan to sell off. Any serious buyer please pm me at

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