Cambodia lifts most Covid-19 travel requirements

Cambodia watchers will be happy to hear that the Kingdom has finally lifted (most) Covid-19 travel regulations for vaccinated travelers. Find more information on the main points below, and for the notable exceptions.


Visa on arrivals are now available, as before the pandemic. The following visa classes are available on arrival for citizens of previously approved countries: A, B, C, E, T, K

Visas in advance are available from Cambodian embassies, but will require supporting documentation that is not usually required for visas on arrival.

Covid-19 testing and vaccinations

As of March 17, 2022, no pre-flight PCR test is required to travel to Cambodia. However, be aware that if you have a connecting flight from your country to Cambodia, you will still need to meet the requirements of the connecting airport, which may still require a pre-flight PCR test.

There is no required Covid-19 testing on arrival.

All travelers to Cambodia will be required to either:

a) present a hard copy of a vaccination record showing that they have received a complete vaccination schedule (booster not required).

b) have a pre-booked quarantine hotel or $2000 in cash to pay for a 14-day quarantine hotel. This only applies to unvaccinated travelers. More information is available on our Cambodia visas page.

Covid-19 health insurance

It is no longer required to have specific Covid-19 health insurance from Forte Insurance. However, it is strongly recommended that you have some sort of health or travel insurance that will cover you if you fall ill — one reader who contacted me who had to pay $18,000 cash for relatively minor Covid-19 treatment, essentially just quarantine in a clinic setting (and they said that Forte only covered the first $3,000). So be prepared with some sort of insurance.

To get a no-commitment quote and find out how much Cigna global health insurance would cost, check here.

Land borders

Land borders are still closed as of March, 2022, and entry to the country is only possible through the Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville airport.

For more information, as always, check the Cambodia Visa and Work Permit Facebook group.

4 Responses to Cambodia lifts most Covid-19 travel requirements

    Sharma-Rita Chetty says:

    Good day, what type visas are now available for Cambodia? Are retirement visas available and do you know what requirements have to be met.

    Don says:

    What is the exit procedure, cost exit permit and Fines for an overstayed 1 montj E visa where the traveller arrruvwd before 1 January 202?

    Roger Garin-Michaud says:

    Thanks for this update ! glad to see Cambodia is moving back to freedom of travel

    Craig Etcheson says:

    Thank you! Please keep us updated.

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