Introducing Siem Reap Food Tours

Over here at Move to Cambodia we’ve long been working on another project that revolves around one of our favorite things about Cambodia: the food. I’m delighted to finally announce the launch of our new venture, Siem Reap Food Tours.

Siem Reap market tour

Eating street food in Siem Reap doesn’t have to be scary.

We’ll be offering a scenic morning tour that takes visitors to markets, village kitchens, and local restaurants. You’ll be able to sample an exciting array of delicious Khmer dishes, street food, and snacks, which might include Cambodian breakfast staples like bobor, a savory rice porridge, and kuy tiev, a local noodle soup, as well as exotic tropical fruits and treats like prahet (fried fish cakes) or a dessert made of a special dried tree resin afloat in sweet coconut broth. We offer morning tours so that guests can experience Siem Reap’s busy morning markets while enjoying cooler morning temperatures. Also, traditional breakfast dishes are amazing–some of our favorite foods in Cambodia. Tours start around 8 a.m. and last between three and four hours.

num banh chok

A classic Cambodian breakfast: num banh chok.

We start and end in the Old Market area, but will travel far and wide, to places you would probably never find otherwise! We’ll take you into the bustle of a Siem Reap morning and explore local markets, then head through rice paddies and temples to a village that’s home to a breakfast dish that’s part of Khmer folklore. We return to Siem Reap for our final culinary adventure via one of the country’s most scenic drives.

We’ve also added an evening tour, because we know that you might want to spend your mornings at the temples! Our evening tour starts at 5 p.m., and we sample everything from Cambodian BBQ to frogs stuffed with kroeung, a fragrant curry paste that is one of the defining ingredients of Khmer cuisine. We’ll even throw in a few Cambodian beers if you’re so inclined. The evening tour is a fun and relaxed way to get acquainted with Siem Reap and Cambodian food.

Please let us know of any food allergies in advance. If you’re a strict vegetarian you probably won’t like our tour; most Cambodian soup and noodle bases have a small amount of fish sauce or meat in the stock, but we can avoid red meat and gluten, if you’re so inclined. We have more information on our website,

Siem Reap market food tour

Getting a laugh (and a giant bag of veg) at the market in Siem Reap.

Tours cost $75 per person, and include all food, drinks, and transportation during the tour. In order to provide a truly personal in-depth experience, we limit our tours to no more than four people. For an additional fee, we can give you an entirely private tour. Either way, please book in advance.

Siem Reap Food Tours is run by Lina Goldberg, notorious glutton and the author of Move to Cambodia: A guide to living and working in the Kingdom of Wonder. Steven Halcrow, whose resume includes cooking at Scotland’s only Michelin two-star restaurant, serves as tour guide, drawing on the insights he gained working with local ingredients in the kitchen of Siem Reap’s most acclaimed eatery, Cuisine Wat Damnak.

To book a tour, visit or email

3 Responses to Introducing Siem Reap Food Tours

    Madilynn & Brent says:

    Thank you Steve, for the wonderful food tour. It was one of our highlights on our trip. We both especially enjoyed going to the rice noodle farm and the spice farm – it is all just so amazing! Thanks for not getting to ‘weird’ with the food – greatly appreciated! We found you very knowledgeable and really loved your obvious respect for the people. Thank you so much, Madilynn & Brent
    ps : movie is

    Alana says:

    This sounds like a great opportunity! We’re headed your way in January. Looking forward to it!

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