Expat Q&A: 15 years in and it’s still amazing

Robert advises to learn as you go.

In this series we talk to Cambodia expats about what they wish they had known when they first moved to Cambodia that they know now.

This week we talk to Robert Starkweather, a long-term Cambodia expat who arrived in 1998! He found Cambodia’s lure irresistible and has now built a life here that includes a family and web design business.

MTC: Rob, what do you know now that you wish you had known when you first moved to Cambodia?

RS: “I arrived in Cambodia in February, 1998. I was just traveling and looking to spend some time abroad before getting serious about a career, life, etc.

What do I wish I knew then that I know now? In fact, after a bit of thought, nothing.

That is a big part of the allure of foreign places — it’s all foreign. Figuring out how this crazy country works is a fundamental part of the Cambodian experience.

I wouldn’t change any of it.

And even after all these years, most days the country still amazes me.”

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