Print edition of Move to Cambodia now available in Cambodia!

I’m happy to announce that at long last, the print edition of Move to Cambodia is available in Cambodia! You can find it at any of the Monument Books outlets and both airports. In Phnom Penh, there are discounted copies available at the Empire and Garage. Copies will be available at the Flicks later this week. If you work for an organization or NGO and would like to purchase copies for your interns, volunteers or new employees, please contact me for bulk purchase rates.

a stack of the Move to Cambodia paperbacks

The print edition of Move to Cambodia is now available in Cambodia!

Move to Cambodia covers a hundred topics pertaining to new expats and makes the perfect gift for someone who has recently arrived. The Advisor called the book “Required reading for anyone planning to move to Cambodia. Buyers will easily save ten times the cover price in heartbreaks, headaches and cash.”

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