Review: Nataya Holiday Villa, Sihanoukville

Conveniently located, Nataya Holiday Villa has one of the best pools in Sihanoukville.

Located right on Serendipity Beach Road, just minutes from the beach and surrounded by restaurants and nightlife, Nataya Holiday Villa features one of the best pools in town and offers an oasis of calm in Sihanoukville’s busiest area. The rooms are contemporary and well-appointed with wooden furnishings, but without crossing into the “too much wood” look that many hotel owners in Cambodia seem to relish. The 62-room hotel is new-ish and it shows: the walls are clean, the sheets are white, and the staff are friendly.

Nataya Holiday Villa Sihanoukville

An oasis of calm in Sihanoukville’s busy Serendipity Beach Road.

All rooms are air-conditioned and come with a flat screen TV and electronic safe. The bathrooms are large and have both a bathtub with shower sprayer and a glass-enclosed shower (another feature that can’t be taken for granted in Cambodia) with overhead rain shower and excellent water pressure. In summary, the rooms and bathrooms are very nice – we have nary a complaint. We stayed in a deluxe double, but they have several other fancier room types, including the presidential suite with four double beds that can sleep eight or more. That’s some slumber party!

Nataya Hotel Sihanoukville

A deluxe double Sihanoukville’s Nataya Holiday Villa; spend more and the rooms get nicer.

One of the outstanding features of Nataya Holiday Villa is the large pool in the courtyard. Large columns emerge from the pool to support various wings of the hotel, which wrap around the pool giving most rooms a view of the pool. Perhaps because it’s so visible, they’ve decorated the pool with a large collection of inflatable balls of various sizes and colors, lending the place a festive feel.

Sun loungers surround the pool, which is next to a not-terrible gym — most in Sihanoukville are less than impressive, and Nataya’s is one of the better ones. The gym features a stairclimber, an elliptical machine, a few bicycling machines, a treadmill, multi-gym, and free weights. There is also an incongruously placed treadmill outside facing the pool, for those who like to watch.

Nataya Sihanoukville gym

The gym at Nataya Holiday Villa facing the pool.

The first time we got walk-in rates Nataya Holiday Villa we thought “Wow, this is overpriced.” But then, apparently, they realized the very same thing and lowered prices to a more reasonable level, making the place very good value, especially when they occasionally have low-season deals on hotel booking sites like Agoda and Additionally, walk-in rates can be significantly higher than what you will find online; we were quoted $75 for a room that was going for $50 online.

For the most part, rates are the same in high season and low season, $50 for a deluxe double. But in low season rates can occasionally drop even further — we snagged a double for $33. Prices for the more deluxe rooms that can sleep seven people go as high as $300.

Nataya Holiday Villa

Serendipity Beach Road, Sihanoukville [map]
T: 034 935 061

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