Battambang expat essentials

From vets to groceries to plumbers, here’s everything you need to know to settle down in Battambang.

Electricity and Plumbing

Looking to unplug a sink or rewire a light in Battambang? Here’s our pick for Battambang’s most famous electrician and plumber.


We list all of the best Internet providers in Battamabang.


Find out where to shop for groceries in Battambang, from the local markets to the shops that sell imported goods.


Looking to wash your duds? Here are a few laundry services in Battambang.

Realtors and housing

If you’re looking for a place to live in Battambang, check out our Battambang realty and housing resources.


We’ve got the Battambang schools (ie school) that’s best for expat kids.


There are no good vets in Battambang at present, but we’ll update the Battambang vets page when there are!

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