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Everything you need to know about real estate in Cambodia, from renting an apartment to buying property. The Phnom Penh real estate and rental market is ever-changing and we cover it extensively, including how much you should expect to pay, different Phnom Penh property types, and checklists of what to watch out for when looking at housing in Cambodia.

Battambang house rental

How to find housing in Battambang

So you’ve decided to move to Battambang. Welcome! Be warned it may require patience to find a home that will suit your needs, as the best places tend to be passed from expat to expat like family heirlooms. That said, there … Continue reading

An apartment block in Phnom Penh's Riverside neighborhood.

Why you shouldn’t look for an apartment in Cambodia before you arrive

The way normal, responsible people organize a move involves finding a home before they arrive. So when normal, responsible people move to Cambodia, of course they assume they should do the same, and spend weeks or months before their move … Continue reading