Review: Chill Inn, M’phey Bei Village, Koh Rong Sanloem

This low-key hangout offers cheap beds, cheap drinks, and lots of reasons to stay for a while.

To get a sense of Chill Inn, look no further than its check-in policy, which states that all guests get a free beer on arrival. Fringed with palm trees and looking out onto the M’phey Bei Bay, the place is small and, true to its name, very laid back.

Chill Inn Koh Rong Sanloem

With views like this, why would you ever leave?

Chill Inn has inexpensive options for accommodation: two four-bed dorms and two three-bed dorms with beds that go for $5 to $10, depending on the season, and a private double room that costs between $10 and $25. All rooms have shared bathrooms and showers, which are very clean and just a few steps away. Another dorm is in the works, as well as a few bungalows in the jungle, but given the chilled-out pace of island life, when that will actually happen isn’t clear.

The wooden dorms are clean and serviceable. Each bed has its own mosquito net, and fans running all night — Chill Inn, which is partially solar powered, is the only place in M’phey Bei with 24-hour electricity — which is a relief in hot season. The four-bed dorms have bunk beds, while the two three-bed dorms are upstairs in attic-style rooms with individual beds.

Chill Inn Mpay Bai

Settle in and stay a while at M’phey Bei’s Chill Inn.

Chill Inn is owned and run by two English brothers. One of them, Shea, worked for years at Monkey Island on Koh Rong, but when that island got too popular he jumped ship to open his own place on Koh Rong Sanloem. No wonder Chill Inn is reminiscent of the early days of Koh Rong, when everyone knew each other and the vibe was deeply relaxed.

Shea’s wealth of experience with backpackers shows; he’s thought of amenities that make guests want to stay a while, including a big flat-screen TV with thousands of movies, a pool table, book swap, chess table, and lots of hammocks. One of the nicest features in the dorms are lock-boxes that are not only large enough to store a backpack but also have individual USB chargers in them so you can charge your phone or tablet when you’re not around.

Chill Inn Cambodia

And here’s where you’ll be doing your drinking.

The Chill Inn bar, informally known as the “Skulking Pikey,” is one of the most popular drinking spots in M’phey Bei Village, a place where expat island-dwellers and backpackers consume cheap drinks and mingle. The bar is also happy to let you order food in, so it’s entirely possible to come to the Chill Inn and never leave.

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We were quoted the following prices at Chill Inn, M’phey Bei, Koh Rong Sanloem:

  • Dorm beds: $7.50 to $10 in high season, $5 in low season
  • Double room, shared bathroom: $15 to $25 in high season, $10 in low season

Bookings are available by phone or through their website, and walk-ins are welcome.

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Chill Inn

M’phey Bei Village, Koh Rong Sanloem
T: 016 824 211; 086 860 522

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